Key Individuals

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Carlo Isola, President


With over twenty-five years of construction experience, Mr. Isola serves as President in charge of Alocee Construction operations.  He is responsible for client contact / satisfaction, oversees project staffing, scheduling and cost management, contract negotiations and administration, construction methods as well as directing the construction management and general construction efforts of Alocee Construction special projects.  In addition, Mr. Isola is experienced in budget development, building code and permitting processes.

Mark Everson, Vice-President

With more than 15 years experience, Mr. Everson is responsible for day to day operations.  In this role, he was accountable for the overall management and administration of Alocee Construction projects.  Mr. Everson is currently working on several Alocee South Florida projects.  He serves as a focal point for client relations.  Additionally, Mr. Everson is the project manager for several projects providing expertise in scheduling costs and quality in each phase of a project to ensure a smooth building process and timely delivery.

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